Friday, October 23, 2009

Adam 6 month pictures

After much drama, Adam finally didn't have a big scratch on his face and got his pics taken.

One reason I love this pic, is he is my baby that has loved his tummy the most.

He did this "amazed" look last time, too. I love how it shows his eyelashes and eyes that were blue last time and now are hazel going...?

Happy on his tummy.

Every baby should be a pumpkin- at least once.

Fun collages

Yummy leaves!

Yummy duckie, too.

My cute personalized towel- thanks Cousin Rachel's family!

My new talent- sitting.

From here, I can reach all sorts of things! Here I come!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

I'm 6 months old! Some of Adam's favorites:

Here are some of my (Adam's) favorite things lately:

Swings- but not always the indoor ones.

My Lena- she can do almost everything Mom does:

Cheering my siblings on at soccer games and practices, Yeah!

Floor time- I'm starting to get around a bit and there's so much to do.

My soccer ball and Real onesie I finally fit into (Dad bought it when I was born).

My toy basket- now it's a hat.

Pancakes- such great finger food.

My binki- I finally got it down- sucking on it, sticking it in by myself, etc.

Exersaucer- a great place to make noise & squeal.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

While Dad's Away...

The last weekend in September, Weston went to Denver for his last weekend trip for his last class. Since getting to 4 Saturday soccer games at 2 different fields and coaching 1 is daunting enough, Friday night I sent the kids to bed dressed in their uniforms and ready to go. However, 'go to sleep' somehow translated 'cut cardboard with Mom's xacto knife' to Sam and he did this:

Thanks to my nurse friend who came over to lend some advice, she reminded me that our after-hours group at my pediatrician's office was open until 10pm and it was not quite 9:30pm. She stayed with my kids while I took Sam around the block to the clinic where they nicely cleaned it out and we videod it for Dad:
(supposedly not a word- but needs to be Frindled- you know we all say it)

Then they glued it (since numbing it would take around 6 injections). Can I get a couple of these for my 72 hour kits?

Well, one splint later (since it was right over the knuckle), we were home, the whole trip taking around 30 minutes. (Thank goodness this didn't happen after 10pm - the ER would have taken just a little longer). :)
Needless to say, there was one less soccer game to stick around for the next day and I was very glad to have the Physical Therapist back home by the end of the weekend!