Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Nathan's Emigration Report - David Richards

Nathan's Emigration Report was due today. I was impressed by how neatly and carefully he colored and wrote. He had to handwrite his pedigree chart and report and do a poster. He really enjoyed learning about Wales and his great great great grandfather, David Richards.

On this line, he had to go back to the 6th generation to find the relative that emigrated. The baby in the picture is Elsie Richards, Nannie's mother. She and her husband Albert Kohler lived on the farm in Midway where we go play and camp each summer for the Kohler Reunion.

Thanks to Aunt Raeann, we found a picture of the boat they came on in 1860, The Underwriter, plus other information about the trip at http://www.lib.byu.edu/mormonmigration/person.php?id=91784&q=David%20Richards. Thanks to Nannie we already had his history and some great pictures of he and his family. We found that history as well as his journals, and Nannie's account of visiting Wales herself on http://welshmormonhistory.org/.

Nathan learned that Wales is one of 4 countries that make up the UK: Scotland, England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. The longest river in the UK, The Severn, is in Wales.

And he really loved drawing this dragon (the Welsh Flag). He did an impressive job on his artwork, just looking and sketching. I don't think he knew he could do that.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Christmas Card in March!

I was going to post an electronic Christmas Card in December, and here it is March! But, I've been sick for 6 days now, and my head feels better when I'm sitting up, so I'd might as well start blog catch up, right? (Since I haven't posted much since the last Christmas Card!)

The Lindsay Top 10 of 2010~ 10 years with Kids

1. Adam is the center of the family, and he seems to know it. He is so fun and keeps us all smiling. He loves books and isn’t afraid to expect a lap and a story from any visitor or family member.

2. Disneyland- This time was especially fun, since the kids were a little older to enjoy more rides. They wanted to stay way later than we expected and loved every minute together.

3. Weston’s Graduation from Regis University with his Doctorate of Physical Therapy and Fellowship in Manual Therapy. The whole family made a trip of it to Denver, Colorado and had a good time.

4. Cousins : We are so lucky to have a lot of family nearby. We love playing games and celebrating birthdays together. We also made it to visit families in Denver and San Francisco whose homes we had not made it to, yet.

5. Hiking! As the kids get older, hiking together gets easier and easier. They do an awesome job and are real troopers. Lena and Weston hiked Timpanogos and made a great memory together.

6. Four Kids in Elementary School. Jacob entered Kindergarten this year and is loving it. Sam is in 2nd grade and gets “schoolsick” when there’s a holiday. Nathan is in 4th grade, started the clarinet in the band, which seems to be just his thing. Lena plays the flute and they enjoy practicing and going to band together. Lena is in 5th grade, getting ready to start her 4th science fair project and has won first place for 3 years straight- no pressure, right?

7. Soccer keeps us busy, from REAL games to the kids’ games, to Elaine coaching, & Weston reffing. In February, we went to St. George together for a tournament for Lena and enjoyed the “warmer” weather and did some hiking.

8. Primary & Sports are our church callings and they keep us busy. Elaine enjoys being involved with the kids at church- Primary’s a great place to be. She also enjoys doing some church sports together with Weston, like Ultimate Frisbee and Coed Volleyball.

9. The boys’ room. Our newest, biggest project we’ve undertaken has been a lot of learning as well as rewarding and the 3 boys enjoy their cool Space Room.

10. First Marathon Together. In September, Weston & Elaine did the Top of Utah Marathon. To continue with the training in 2011, they signed up for the Ogden Marathon next.