Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Card

I'm trying to become more online than paper, but it's hard to eliminate the mailed Christmas Card. For those who are computer savvy and enjoy the blogging world, you get the benefit of several different cards-choose whichever you prefer!

This one's fun since it's our most recent family photo.

Can't you just hear Jacob's thoughts, "All I want for Christmas is..."

The outdoorzy one.

The Lindsay Family 2009

Adam was our main event this year! was born on April 14th and is now 8 months old! We are very busy as learns to get around. Unlike his siblings, has loved being on his belly, even in the bathtub, where learned to crawl or “swim”. loves trying new foods and being at the table with everyone else. His siblings are a very excited fan club. They all love and enjoy interacting with him.

Lena (9) is a little mommy and early on showed she could take care of her littlest brother, changing diapers, putting down for a nap, and playing with him. continues to enjoy dance, soccer, and school. Nathan (8) is very sweet with . For Reflections this year he made of video of called, “Beauty is…My Baby Brother Adam.” did a good job and it is very sweet to watch. was also baptized this summer and loves to read his new scriptures. enjoys being a scout and playing soccer. Samuel (6) always wants to hold and read him his take home books from school. loves soccer and school and has discovered the freedom of reading and not having to ask others for help. , , and have been enjoying piano lessons this year. Jacob (5) is a great help at home with his only little brother while the others are at school. is a great friend to Mom and enjoys going to playgroup, preschool, computer class, and learning some piano with at home. claims has been saying “words” and has been keeping track, counting 20 so far. is happy and always has a smile for his siblings.

Elaine is enjoying the kids in all their varied stages and unique strengths. keeps busy with primary, playgroup, co-op preschool, PTA, running, projects and family. Weston finished his classes through Regis University and we look forward to taking the kids with us to his graduation next May in Colorado for ’s transitional Doctorate of Physical Therapy (tDPT) degree and fellowship in Manual Therapy. continues to help with the REAL Salt Lake major league soccer team and is excited about them winning the MLS Cup for the first time. also enjoys hiking with , , ,,, & and working with the sports programs as the Stake Physical Activities Director.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

What would you do?

I had a patient recently who was very interested in sharing with me that she had inherited a large sum of money.

Her statements of what she has done with the money sparked some questioning. What would you do if you inherited a large sum of money? Would your priorities change? Would the amount of time spent in certain activities change?

What are your thoughts?

Friday, October 23, 2009

Adam 6 month pictures

After much drama, Adam finally didn't have a big scratch on his face and got his pics taken.

One reason I love this pic, is he is my baby that has loved his tummy the most.

He did this "amazed" look last time, too. I love how it shows his eyelashes and eyes that were blue last time and now are hazel going...?

Happy on his tummy.

Every baby should be a pumpkin- at least once.

Fun collages

Yummy leaves!

Yummy duckie, too.

My cute personalized towel- thanks Cousin Rachel's family!

My new talent- sitting.

From here, I can reach all sorts of things! Here I come!