Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Defining Characteristics

In a talk at church on Sunday, a question was posed that I would like to post for comments. The question was, "What was the defining characteristic of Joseph Smith?".

Some of the items that were brought up were perseverance, obedience, and charitable.

I thought faithful would have been a great fit. It was by faith that he saw the Heaven's open. It was by faith that brought him through the great trials. And it was by faith that miracles were wrought with his hands.

I would love to hear your comments about that question as well as pose another.

What do you want to be your defining characteristic?

Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Letter

The Lindsay 2008 ~ Seasons of Events


Lena’s Baptism

The Basement Floods

Weston transfers to Utah Valley Clinic


Nathan spends 1 week in the hospital

with an abscess in his throat

Lena finishes 4 years of dance with recital

Church 5k – Lena & Nathan run the whole thing, Sam & Jacob run half,

Mom & Dad run 1 ½ times to help the kids finish.


Start the summer off playing with Grandparents in California~daily crafts with Grandma, beach play, running with kids.

Lots of fun hikes: The Y, Rocky Mouth,

Donut Falls, Timp (just Mom & Dad)

Lava Hot Springs – All 6 of us float down the Portneuf River on one big 4 person raft.

Thalman get together in Utah, lots of fun including floating down the Provo River.

All four kids take swim lessons

Dad becomes Nathan’s Primary Teacher

4th of July Fireworks at the REAL soccer game

Discover Baby #5’s due date: April 27th


School Begins – Lena 3rd, Nathan 2nd,

Sam Kindergarten, Jake Preschool

Elaine goes with Weston to Seattle Conference

All 4 kids play soccer & Elaine coaches

Sam & Jake’s team

The new REAL soccer stadium, Rio Tinto, opens up down the road in Sandy

Weston finishes course work for transitional Doctorate of Physical Therapy.