Sunday, June 28, 2009

"I'll Always Be Here!"

Ever since Adam was born, Jacob likes to have these really cute, in your face, conversations with him. One day, before Jacob was leaving to go to preschool around the corner, he came back in with his bike helmet on his head and said to Adam, "I'll be back soon, Buddy, don't forget I love you!"

This weekend, since Adam and I are still getting over head colds, we stayed home while Weston took the kids on our yearly trip to the Manti Pageant and campout with lake swimming and fun. After returning, Jacob was having one of his 'close chats' with Adam and I heard, "It's been so long since I was with you! I'm not going anywhere. I'll always be here." I'm not sure Adam was as reassured as his big brother intended!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

I think I'm addicted... making these soccer ball cupcakes.
Yesterday was the end of a rainy soccer season, and rescheduled games almost got rained out again. But we got lucky and everyone got to play their last games. I only coach one of the three teams, but the kids think these soccer ball cupcakes are so fun, I've started making enough for all the teams. Next year we'll have 4 teams!

Go Lindsay Team!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

8 Weeks of Adam

Look at how fast our little guy has changed...
Day 1 ~ April 14th
At the hospital- obviously pleased to be here

Day 3 ~ April 17th
Visit from Great Grandparents, Nannie & Gramps

Week 1 ~ April 22nd
Cuddles with Cousin Carly

Week 2 ~ April 26th
First official bath

Week 3 ~ May 5th
After bath with the duckie towel

Week 4 ~ May 10th
The Turtle Thalman Team onesie from Grandma

Week 4 1/2 ~ May 13th
Wednesday morning studying with Dad

Week 5 1/2 ~ May 22nd
Getting to know Grandma

Week 6 ~ May 24th
Sporting the Sunday clothes

Week 7 ~ June 1st
Talkin' with Mom

Week 8 ~ June 9th
Smiley and Cute!

Wiggly and Gabbery!
I'm 8 weeks old!