Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Peace of Mind

Sunday evening, we were visiting with Grandma and Grandpa
when Adam gagged and we thought he'd put a crayon in his mouth.
Weston went over and Adam got this look on his face like he'd swallowed
and it had hurt. Weston looked in Adam's hand and there were
2 magnetic sticks and a ball. That night he threw up a little bit and
the next morning, too. Then he started to have the runs. So, we were a
bit confused, but thought he happened to have what his cousin had last week
(or just a germ he'd gotten from sucking on his finger). I made an appointment
this morning for this afternoon since it had not passed yet. Of course, the
concern was that there could be 2 magnetic objects, not just one. I asked Adam
twice yesterday, showing him examples, "was it a ball or a stick?" He said "Eat it,"
pointing inside his mouth. Then he answered "stick" and pointed to the longer
magnetic both times he was asked. So, I was a bit more concerned. The ball is not
actually a magnet, just a metal ball that has become a little magnetized through it's use.
But the stick has 2 small magnets inside the ends and is longer and could maybe
get stuck somewhere. So, I guess it was time for some expensive peace of mind. By 8:30pm, it had already passed. Good thing he's such a cute kid!