Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Card 2012

                                                               Lindsay 2012 Grateful List

Weston - New beginnings with Home Health and baby#6, baptisms and church callings, girl’s camp and another kid with whom to climb Timpanogos; RSL and a record breaking season; wonderful kids; and a spectacular wife.

Elaine - healthy children and baby #6 to come, storytime with Adam, summer band with Lena, Nathan, and their friends each week at our house, participating in the Messiah again with Weston, turning a healthy 40.
Lena (12) - junior high, new friends, cross country, co-ed soccer, skiing, piano, flute, first girl's camp and young women's, summer swim team, Midsummer Night's Dream & Nutcracker performances with Sam, pointe class, finishing up braces, family and books.
Nathan (11) - band, my own website, class Dojo points, earning my Arrow of Light and moving into Boy Scouts, braces, learning to use Lego Robots (FLL), summer swim team, skiing, my friends, my family, my class, Ms. Kimble, good memories, monstrology, Leven Thumps and Obert Skye books, HAVING FUN, music, radio, my cousins.
Sam (9) - orchestra and starting the viola, pogo stick, helmets and recovery from a pogo stick concussion, permanent teeth and a great dentist who can make broken teeth look new, becoming a cub scouts Bear, headgear, drawing, Harry Potter, skiing and summer swim team.
Jacob (8) - getting baptized, becoming a cub scout Wolf, skiing, Fablehaven, friends, family, soccer with Sam, 2nd grade, baby coming, cousins.
Adam (3) - cousins & friends to play with, playgroup and preschool, the ABCs, big boy underwear, books, playdoh, bikes, swings, the mountains & camping.

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