Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Card 2011

The Lindsay ABC’s of 2011

A. Adam (2) is still the center of attention in our family. B. In June, Sam (8) was Baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. C. cubscouts. Nathan (10) entered the Webelos and Sam became a Wolf. Elaine got to go to camp with them, too. D. Dirty Dash. In August, Dad ran a muddy obstacle course race in Soldier Hollow with some friends. He had so much fun, that Elaine probably won’t get him in a regular road race again. E. This month, Weston got called as the Elder’s Quorum President. F. Fellowship. Weston finished his Final academic achievement from his long term goal list and became a Fellow of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapists. G. Lena (11) enjoyed doing Gymnastics in the summer. H. We did lots of family Hiking, including the loop from Silver Lake, to Twin Lakes, through Solitude and back to Silver Lake. The kids do a great job. Weston and Lena waited for the snow to melt off Timpanogos, but it didn’t happen before school started, so they hiked Mt. Olympus instead and found it shorter, but challengingly steep. I. Lena and Nathan continue to enjoy playing band Instruments and they and Sam and Jacob continue to play the piano. It gets hard to fit everyone’s practice into each day. J. Jacob (7) is our Jokester, and enjoys reading. K. Elaine will miss working with the Kids in Primary since she was recently released as Primary President and called as a ward missionary. L. In October, we enjoyed a trip to California, including Legoland and the Mormon Battalion visitor’s center. M. The Ogden Marathon. If Elaine and Weston were to ever do a Marathon again, this was beautiful enough to repeat. N. Lena was in the Nutcracker this year with Mountain West Ballet and enjoyed being a Toy Doll and a Snow Sprite. O. Lena started out the year by going to the Orthodontist and it looks like Nathan will start next year and we’ll have someone in braces for many years. Sam was in a play called Oleander Manor and did a great job as a dancing skeleton. P. Adam loves his little Playschool group of 4 boys. Q. Adam is constantly asking Questions. “What?” “Why not?” R. Riding our bikes on several family jaunts was a big hit this year. Adam’s new seat on Mom’s bike made it fun to Ride together in the morning along the path next to the train. S. Sam enjoys Soccer with his friends and Siblings. T. Theatre. Lena, Nathan and Sam enjoyed Spring Theatre in an alien play. Three Trips to California in Twelve months were made by our family from last Christmas, to a great Miller Reunion, to our October Trip. U. V. Weston has worked in Utah Valley for almost 4 years and is enjoying his responsibilities in Orem. W. Lena and Nathan got to take turns on the swim team. All the kids have enjoyed swim lessons and love the Water. X. Mom and Lena both had X-rays this year. Lena’s for her braces, and Mom’s to diagnose pneumonia. We enjoy eXercising together in lots of different ways. Y. Yardwork seems to be a never-ending family activity, so we try to make it fun. We enjoyed Yelling at several RSL soccer games this year, including one where Elaine (Mom of the Match) and the kids got to be on the big screen. Z. We really feel very blessed and have Zero complaints about 2011!

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